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Anatomy of the Nose

When most people think of the nose, they only think of the external part we can see, including the bridge and tip of the nose, and the nostrils. But beneath the surface is an intricate network of cartilage, bone, and muscle that gives the nose its form and function.


To get a good idea of the strength and flexibility of this tissue, bend the top part of your ear, which is mostly cartilage. There are no nerves or blood vessels in cartilage. It’s a connective tissue composed of cells and fibers. In addition to the nose and ear, cartilage is also found in the ribs and joints.

The Septum

The septum is an important internal structure. It divides the nose lengthwise, providing support for the external nose, similar to the way a tent pole supports a tent. The back part of the septum is made of bone and the front part is made of cartilage. The bone and cartilage are connected by fibrous membrane.