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Shape, Profile, Size, Texture

What should I know about breast implant shapes, profiles, sizes, and textures?


MENTOR® Silicone Implants are available in 2 distinct shapes: teardrop and round. Teardrop shaped implants, referred to as MENTOR® MemoryShape® Breast Implants, are thinner at the top and gently slope to a fuller projection point near the implant’s bottom, mimicking the silhouette of a natural breast. Round breast implants, referred to as MENTOR® MemoryGel® Breast Implants, are circular and able to shift slightly once positioned without distorting the shape of the breast. Talk to your surgeon to explore different shape options and learn about which one may be right for you.


The profile of a breast implant refers to the level of forward projection from the chest wall in relation to the base width of the implant. In other words, the profile indicates the distance the implant will project from your body. A higher profile breast implant will create a more prominent silhouette than a lower profile breast implant.

The Mentor collection of MemoryGel® Breast Implants and round Saline Breast Implants are offered in 4 profile levels: Classic (for saline) or Moderate (for MENTOR® MemoryGel® Implants) Profile, Moderate Plus Profile, High Profile, and Ultra High Profile.

  • Moderate Profile: Standard projection, with a wider base width.
  • Moderate Plus Profile: A higher projection, with moderate base width
  • High Profile: High projection, with narrower base width
  • Ultra High Profile: Highest projection, with the smallest base width


Breast implant size is measured in cubic centimeters (often referred to as cc’s). The larger the implant, the higher the volume of cc’s will be. For example, a 300cc implant is larger than a 250cc implant. Breast implant sizes do not correspond to traditional bra cup sizes. Choosing the right size implant is generally the most important decision a woman and her surgeon will make. For an accurate, in-person visualization of how different implant sizes will affect your shape, consult a surgeon that uses the MENTOR® Volume Sizing System. Your plastic surgeon will also evaluate your existing breast tissue to determine if you have enough tissue to accommodate the desired size of breast implant. Your surgeon is the best resource for determining what size implant is best for your body.

What are the repercussions of implants that are “too large” for my frame? »

With breast implants that are too large for the amount of breast tissue you have, the implants’ edges may be visible through your skin or the implant may be more easily felt after your operation. You also may increase the risk of having surgical complications. Plus, breast implants that are too large may increase the effects of gravity on your body, causing your breasts to prematurely droop or sag.


Breast implant shells have either a smooth or textured surface. Textured breast implants were designed to reduce the chance of capsular contracture and prevent shaped implants from shifting in position. Talk to your surgeon to decide which surface texture is best for you.

Now that you know more about the different features of breast implants, you will be able to knowledgeably discuss your options with a qualified plastic surgeon at your consultation.

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