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Types of Implants

There are two types of breast implants: Silicone Breast Implants and Saline Breast Implants. Mentor offers two types of silicone breast implants- MENTOR® MemoryGel® Breast Implants and MENTOR® MemoryShape® Breast Implants. This side-by-side comparison can help you determine which implant type is right for you. Your plastic surgeon is another excellent resource with whom to discuss your options.

MENTOR® MemoryShape®
Breast Implants
FDA Approved
Made in the USA
MENTOR® MemoryShape® Breast Implants are teardrop shaped and filled with a uniquely formulated, highly cohesive gel. The gel is designed to impart a natural silhouette to the breast while providing a youthful firmness.
Set fill Volume.
Available in Medium height, Moderate Profile
Available with a textured shell surface (MENTOR® SILTEX® Texture).
Covered by the Mentor Premier Advantage Limited Warranty and lifetime replacement policy.
MENTOR® MemoryGel®
Silicone Breast Implants
FDA Approved
Made in the USA
Filled with Mentor's proprietary cohesive gel - MENTOR® MemoryGel® Implants — hold together uniformly while retaining the natural give that resembles breast tissue.
Set fill Volume.
MENTOR® Saline Breast Implants
FDA Approved
Made in the USA
Filled with a saltwater solution similar to the fluid that makes up most of the human body; slightly firmer feel.
Flexible fill volume, allowing the surgeon to adjust the volume during the procedure.
Three projection options: Moderate, Moderate Plus, High Profile.
Two shell surfaces available: Smooth and Textured (MENTOR® SILTEX® Texture)
Covered by the Mentor Standard & Enhanced Advantage Limited Warranties and lifetime replacement policy.
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