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Find the Right Look for You

Explore the possibilities and visualize how you could look with breast augmentation using our interactive tools. Create personalized before and after images and try on implants for size to create the look you love.

We believe that every woman has the right to visualize how breast enhancement will look on them. To help in that visualization process, we’ve developed a number of interactive tools to better prepare you for your consultation. Use these tools to create the look you want and make sure to share it with your surgeon.

Simulate the effects of breast augmentation using your own picture and our exclusive New You Visualizer. It’s easy to create, save, and print personal before& after images - even before meeting with a surgeon.

Ask your surgeon about the MENTOR® Volume Sizing System during your consultation to get an accurate in-person preview of the new you. Surgeons utilizing the Mentor Volume Sizing System will have a VSS icon featured on their profile.

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