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We are looking for women who are open to sharing their stories and video blogging about their experience with breast augmentation.

Women tell us that when considering breast augmentation, nothing is more helpful than hearing stories from those who have laready taken the plunge. If you have a story to share about what you thought and felt before, during and after your surgery, we'd love to post it. Your truthful, heartfelt words can prepare, inform and inspire others.

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  • Kimberly 30 California I am typically not a review writer, but I am so excited and passionate about...

    I am typically not a review writer, but I am so excited and passionate about my experience with Dr. C and his staff at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc. that I just had to share. Plus, this website helped me in my plastic surgeon research.

    Where do I begin....I am a Momma of 4 and was very excited and nervous about the possibility of getting my pre-baby body back with breast augmentation and liposuction! My greatest fear was finding a surgeon I trusted and felt comfortable with! I did countless hours of research and asked everyone I knew who they would recommend. I went to three consults, the last consult being Dr. C and I instantly knew he was the doctor for me!!! The entire staff was WONDERFUL! Chammy (your go-to girl for EVERYTHING) was AMAZINGLY helpful and so cheerful with every interaction. I asked a million questions and she was so patient and helpful. She responded to all my emails quickly and was so informative. Lastly and most importantly Dr. C is AMAZING! So kind, informative and honest. I did not feel pressured and he took the time to explain everything inside and out. I again asked a million questions of him and he answered them all. Simply put, he is an incredibly nice guy who is the best in the business. He is humble about his amazing ability to transform women's bodies and I appreciated his sincerity and honesty. It is rare to find a surgeon of his caliber who is humble.

    Now for the surgery....I was of course a nervous wreck the day of surgery and once I saw Dr. C I was instantly relieved. The BHPS team gave me a sweet goodie bag and Dr. C eased all my anxiety by answering all my last minute questions and concerns. The team at the surgical center were also very sweet.

    I did a breast augmentation (silicone), lift and liposuction. I seriously still look at my body in complete awe! I am 4-weeks post surgery and look amazing! His incisions were so precise that I will have hardly any scaring from lift, if any at all. The incisions around my nipple are not noticeable at all! If you are not having a lift then I am sure you will have no scars. All my girlfriends are in awe of how amazing my breasts look. They couldn't believe Dr. C’s work with the incisions compared to their own augmentations (nice validation). My breasts look and feel so natural. It is amazing! I am still in shock they are mine! My lipo also turned out unbelievable! I have a flat tummy and no love handles-yippeeeee! It is seriously unreal everytime I look in the mirror. In terms of the lipo, he literally takes EVERY ounce of fat he can and shaped my body to have such amazing curves.

    Post surgery Dr. C and his team continued to care for me with top notch service. I am still visiting his office every three weeks to make sure I am recovering well.

  • Ashley 31 Kansas I got breast implants in December 2010. I had them 4 days before ChristmAs and...

    I got breast implants in December 2010. I had them 4 days before ChristmAs and was able to enjoy my holiday. My surgery was done by Dr M in Overland Park, KS. He did an amazing job. I am 5' 8" and 138 lbs. I had 350 cc silicone implants. I originally was only going to do 300cc, but Dr M and his RN (who by the way is awesome) encouraged me to go bigger and thankfully I did. I wish I had gone to a 400cc implant. I was not even an A cup before and I am now a C cup. I love the way they look and feel, very natural. I am a mother of 3 and breast fed all of them. It feels good to look in the mirror and like what I see. If you are thinking of getting implants... DO IT!!! I have zero regrets!

  • Jill 34 Texas I had thought about breast augmentaion since realizing I wasn't going to grow...

    I had thought about breast augmentaion since realizing I wasn't going to grow any as a teenager. I was probably more of an AA cup and have always worn super padded bras or the silicone bra inserts. One time while riding a roller coaster, one of the bra inserts flew out. I feel sorry for whoever was hit by the flying fake boob. However, I knew I wanted to have kids and that breastfeeding was important to me so I held off on having surgery. My children are now 10 and 6 and our family is complete. For the last several years I've put it off as I had guilt about spending so much money. When our income tax return came in this year, my husband and I discussed it and decided I should go for it. Within minutes I was on the internet researching and quickly had a consultation scheduled. My surgery was just completed 4 days ago. I had 325 cc Mentor silicon high profile implants placed under the muscle. Incision was made under the breast crease. I feel really good. I took my prescriptiion pain medicine for a couple of days, but now am just taking motrin to help with any inflammation and soreness. I agree with many of the others that said that it feels like when your milk has come in. I remember waking up during the night with my breasts engorged after having my babies. This is very similar. You just can't get relief by milking them. lol. They feel tight and full. As far as pain, there is soreness at the incision site, but it's not bad. I do not seem to have much swelling or bruising. I was very tired for the first couple of days, but my energy is returning. I will have to force myself not to overdo it though. I am typically very active. I ride horses, jog, help with my kids sports practices etc... Obviously lots of things that involve "bouncing". I am scheduled for my post op to learn the massage techniques in two days. I am wearing a supportive sports bra that zips in the front which was recommended by my surgeon. It is looking like I will be pretty much a C cup when all is healed. I just wanted to look normal and cannot wait to buy my first pretty bra and have the freedom to pick whatever swim top, cute little summer dresses and tops I want. So far the best money I've ever spent on myself was for Lasik surgery and now breast augmentation. I no longer have to worry about anyone being hit by flying fake boobs either. lol.

  • Ashleigh 22 Florida I am a 22 year old, former girl, now a complete woman. Who knew that such a...

    I am a 22 year old, former girl, now a complete woman. Who knew that such a simple procedure could make someone so happy?! I had my surgery 2 days ago and I feel amazing! I had been thinking about breast augmentation for at least 3 years now and started to look into it seriously about 3 months ago. With the support of my entire family and all my friends, I saw a few doctors and chose one that was right for me. The first day was a little painful, but not unbearable; i could walk around and reach for things and my doctor even told me to stretch my arms every couple hours. The second day was even better; I was off my pain meds and I was able to shower on my own. And today, I feel even better! Believe it or not. I chose silicone implants, as I am small-framed and was told that saline would look less natural on me. What I recommend to anyone considering this surgery is to do your research, ask questions, and go to consultations with a family member or friend who can ask questions as well. Oh and don't forget, ice is key!

  • Kimberly 48 California I had my implants removed and a lift performed by Dr. T in Santa Monica. The...

    I had my implants removed and a lift performed by Dr. T in Santa Monica. The entire experience was fantastic and am extremely pleased with the results. Everyone in his office treated me with respect, patience and kindness with extreme professionalism.I would recommend everyone to consult with Dr. T as I have full confidence in his excellent abilities.

  • janitza 35 Georgia Hi i am a mother of five and breastfed all my children. Everyone in my family...

    Hi i am a mother of five and breastfed all my children. Everyone in my family has big breast and i am the only one with small ones.I have decided that i was going to have the breast implants and tomorrow is my surgery am a A cup and want to be a dd family has tryed to make me change my mind but im doing this for me and myself esteem. For u women that are thinking of doing it research as much as u can and never settle for the first always see a few and depending on the one that makes u feel the most comfortable then u decide.and for everyone that wants to criticize well i personally don’t let it bother one knows how u feel but ok friends i will keep u posted once im out of surgery tomorrow.

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