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Overcoming the challenges of breast asymmetry

Friday, March 1, 2013

Tired of looking in the mirror and realizing that your figure just isn't what you always hoped it would be?

One of the most significant issues that women cope with is breast asymmetry, which can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and insecurity with one's appearance.

While many women struggle with this basic, almost inescapable longing for symmetrical breasts and obtaining the perfect shape, there are many ways that you can come close to gaining the ideal look.

With diet and exercise, you can get your body in great shape, but with breast augmentation surgery, you can finally regain your confidence and enjoy the feminine appearance you deserve.

How common is asymmetry?
It may seem unlikely, but no woman is born with symmetrical breasts. Differences between each breast can vary tremendously - some have nipples that are uneven in size, shape, weight and even position, while others may have a breast that is higher or lower than another and varying in dimension.

As a result of how common asymmetry really is, this is a popular reason that many women cite for turning to breast implants. And while some asymmetry can make breasts unique, it can also be a source of anxiety and self-doubt, which is why breast augmentation presents such great benefits.

While the exact cause of breast asymmetry is unknown, injuries or hormonal imbalances could affect the shape of your breasts. If you notice a sudden reduction in size, or any other drastic changes, this could be the result of underlying health issues, which you should speak with your healthcare provider about.

Consulting a plastic surgeon
If you're unsure about whether or not your breasts are asymmetrical - but you've always felt that there was something not quite right with your natural shape - you should schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

During breast augmentation consultations, a surgeon can identify areas of your breasts that may be uneven or that differ in size. While not all asymmetries can be corrected through surgery, you can balance out the size and shape of your breasts through implants.

Surgical options
While each surgeon you speak to may offer a different set of recommendations, the one that you settle on may offer some of the following options, including reducing or improving the volume of your silicone or saline breast implant.

A surgeon may opt to place implants of different weights and shapes in your breasts to adjust for variations in size. This could be key to correcting the asymmetry in your chest area and giving you a look you're sure to love!

Another great option for correcting any imbalances you see in your breasts is to change your wardrobe. This can help you feel great about yourself and also allow you to explore possible new styles that could enhance the way you come off to others. The surge in confidence that you'll experience is sure to influence many of your actions in the months and years to follow.

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