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How to plan a wardrobe after breast augmentation surgery

Friday, March 1, 2013

Let's be honest - there's only one real reason why you decided to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, and that was the clothes!

All those years spent watching - and being jealous of - women with gorgeous figures wearing great clothing is now behind you, because a world of fabulous apparel now awaits you. Once you're back on your feet and ready to show off your fuller, more feminine appearance, the garments you used to wear just won't do. Instead, you'll need to redo your whole wardrobe from the ground up, but luckily, this is part of the fun.

Consider these great tips for getting started on your new style.

Supporting your new look
Your breast implants have changed your body's shape for the better and given something to really look forward to each day. An augmentation can help you feel like a different woman, and as a result, you should really be on the lookout for new clothing that channel the energy and liveliness of the new you!

Old clothes likely don't fit the way they used to, especially tighter tops or lingerie. It's important that you make supporting your breasts a priority, so you should definitely plan on picking up a few bras before you do anything else!

What to watch for
Your body has transformed to match your vision of an ideal, womanly shape, and while this is very exciting, you want to make sure that whatever clothes you pick are well-suited to match your curvier physique.

Some styles - for instance, bandage dresses - can squeeze and constrict your breasts. They also offer minimal support, both of which are unflattering. Instead, you should search for silhouettes that are complementary, like halter tops, which can be pleasing to the eye and comfortable if you've just had breast implants.

Made to fit
When you don't feel confident about the way you look, it's easy to fall into the trap of wearing clothes that hide your body or don't fit properly. But after getting breast implants, you should take this moment to flaunt what you've strived for so long to achieve, and clothes are a big part of that!

You may want to consider getting clothes that are custom-fit to your body's unique dimensions. This can ensure that everything you wear looks fantastic on you (how could it not?) and that you have the right balance of support and coverage.

Searching for what feels right
Above all, you want your clothing to match your new personality - you want it to be upbeat, flattering, stylish and comfortable.

Gone are the days where you wore baggy shirts or other types of clothing that concealed your figure - you've worked really hard to get the look you've always wanted, so you should absolutely enjoy it!

When you're trying on new clothes, look for articles of apparel that feel right and that help you channel your vivacious style. 

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