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Three steps for finding the best surgeon for your breast augmentation

Monday, December 10, 2012

Breast augmentation is one of the best things a woman can do if she's eager to restore her confidence and improve her overall quality of life. While there are plenty of benefits to having the procedure - including enjoying a more feminine silhouette - the process leading up to cosmetic surgery may take some preparation.

The reason? Finding the best surgeon to meet one's needs. However, with these three helpful tips, women can be on the path to a brighter, more curvaceous future.

1. Talk to friends and family. Choosing a plastic surgeon is the first step toward completing this experience, and once a woman has decided she's ready, she'll likely want to do some research.

Friends and family members who have had breast augmentation surgery are a great resource and can provide recommendations about clinics in the area that provide the highest level of quality care. They can also let a woman know exactly what to ask and search for in a prospective provider. 

2. Make sure a surgeon is accredited. After asking around and hearing what loved ones have to say about the implant process, women can begin to narrow down their list of prospective surgeons. While this can be a very exciting period, ladies may want to inspect a provider's credentials.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), a doctor's board-certification is the best indication that he or she has the training necessary to do a breast implant procedure. In addition, women should be sure that the facility where the surgery will be held is accredited by the state and reputable organizations like the ASAPS.

3. Spend time getting to know a surgeon. By spending time with a doctor during consultations, women can get a better sense of his or her level of experience and code of ethics. Surgeons with less than five years of experience in surgical training and those with less than two years in the cosmetic surgery industry may not be ideal for such an important procedure, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Overall, a breast augmentation can have a significant impact on a woman's life, and knowing that she can trust her surgeon is crucial step in making the experience more fulfilling.


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