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Be completely satisfied with breast augmentation results

Monday, November 26, 2012

Fuller tops and sleeker curves are some of the things that entice women when it comes to breast augmentation surgery, but sometimes they may come out of the procedure not 100 percent satisfied. Talking to a doctor beforehand can help avoid this scenario, but in some cases, it could be months or years later when a women looks at her physique and decides she's ready for something else.

According to Doctor Steve Turkeltaub, breast implant removal has gone up about 50 percent in the last few years, and subsequent full breast augmentation has increased the same amount. He stated that women may sometimes experience breast envy, or the feeling that their chests could be bigger and more natural-looking with different kinds of devices or surgeries to help improve their looks. Revising existing implants and incisions can give women the updated look they desire.

If women are unhappy with their first breast implant surgery, it's not uncommon to have additional implants or replace a saline item with a silicone one, or vice versa. In some cases, adjusting an existing implant can change the entire look of a breast, resulting in a far more pleasing look and feel. RealSelf claims that some women are much happier with their overall appearance after getting implants corrected, lifted or increased in size, procedures that are easily available to interested recipients.

In cases where an implant has shifted, deflated or become unappealing to look at, the solution could be having a revision and additional breast implant put in place. These procedures are not uncommon and are increasingly popular thanks to the ease of installation and minimal recovery time. This creates an appealing look and feel without the negative side effects associated with extensive traditional surgical techniques.

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