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Breast implants available to help cancer survivors

Friday, November 2, 2012

Breast cancer is something that affects women of all ages, no matter how big their breasts may be to start with. Having a mastectomy can make women feel even worse about themselves after having gone through such a traumatic period, but doctors are fighting to help make breast implants available for patients.

Perimeter Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia, recently announced it will be donating funds from all its breast augmentation and implant procedures to the Susan G. Komen cause, helping women with cancer recover and get breast implants if they so desire. Knowing that many women already suffer from body image concerns and seek out implants to help with these issues. Having a full mastectomy may further harm a woman's psyche after living through something so psychologically injurious.

Nicolas Guay, a breast augmentation specialist, agreed in his interview with the Calgary Herald. Guay has been performing implant surgeries for a number of years and openly supports teaching women about reconstruction - making augmentation more financially affordable for those who might need the procedure most, and supporting a woman's choice to enhance her breasts if she so chooses.

"50 percent of patients I [see have] seen somebody else and were unsatisfied with the options they received," Guay told the source. He stressed it's important for women at any point in their path to augmentation learn everything they can about these procedures and pick the ones that feel most like what they want. Even if it means increasing a cup size or changing from an implant procedure to a full augmentation, Guay said that women need access to resources like breast augmentation to help them feel the way they most desire to.

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