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Traveling for breast implants is not a good idea

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Many women want to experience the full, satisfying shape that larger breasts can give their silhouettes, but the cost can mean saving up for breast implants will take time. Some people think traveling internationally to get these procedures for a lower price is the best option, but there are serious risks involved when going outside the United States for a medical procedure.

First, unlike the U.S., there may not be regulations regarding what kind of implants can be used or by what method they're inserted into the body. This can lead to serious health problems, The Australian reported, with a myriad of recipients reporting complications and illnesses related to unsafe devices being used for these procedures. No matter where the implant is received, using a cheaper product can simply mean that it isn't accepted by other providers and therefore is available at a wholesale rate because reputable physicians won't work with it.

Paying to travel outside the U.S., staying in a hotel and paying for the surgery entirely out of pocket can make for a bigger bill than staying at home. What's more, paying for healthcare after getting a sub par breast implant will add to the bottom line, especially if the devices need to be removed or replaced.

Finally, there are some kinds of implants that just aren't used in America because they don't have the same quality and look as other options. Rather than going through the discomfort of a redo operation, it makes more sense for women seeking breast implants to save up, look locally and wait until they can afford safe, healthy options for their chests.

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