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Get the best breast implants for your body type

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When you go in for your breast augmentation surgery, your doctor will take a lot of measurements and make a recommendation about the kind of implants that may be right for you. However, remember that this is a personal decision, so be sure to consider this professional advice, but don't be afraid to speak up and talk about what you want, too.

Jose Rios, an augmentation and breast implant specialist with years of experience, said in an interview that personalized plans are what gain patients the best results. He pointed out that doing research at home is one thing, but medical advice on the matter can give an added level of insight that can help make an informed decision. This final judgement should also bear a good dose of patient input, though, Rios stated.

Chelsea Cosmetics wrote that one of the biggest factors in this decision should be body type. Picking a breast implant size that is too large for your frame will make them look unnatural and less appealing. What's more, there is a higher likelihood that they will start to sag prematurely. It's important that you consider how the size you've picked is going to look with various kinds of clothing, as well as how happy you'll be with the overall final effect.

Picking too small a pair, Dr. Rios warned, may result in dissatisfaction with the final result, but going too big may not be the best idea, either. The different ways an implant is placed in the body, as well as how the surgery is performed, can also be affected by body type and personal ideas about beauty. Make sure before going ahead with the procedure that all the factors are likely to add up to your dream look.

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