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Giving a lift to your breast augmentation surgery

Monday, October 29, 2012

Not happy with your 34B? You probably already know that many women are opting for breast implants to solve that same problem, but did you know it is not the only procedure out there to help get a you bigger, fuller-looking bust? Having a breast lift at the same time as other plastic surgery - such as breast augmentation - can add a dramatic increase to the overall look and appeal of your chest.

Adding implants to a pair of sagging breasts can add desired cup size but it may not help give the lift and youthfulness that an augmentation can offer. Even young women can begin to see a lack of elasticity in the skin surrounding the breast before they hit 30. Doing something about that extra skin now - instead of returning for a second procedure after the implant has been placed - can help you save on both recovery time and surgical expenses. During an initial consultation, a surgeon may recommend a lift with a standard augmentation, according to Digital Journal, if there is concern that the desired look may not be achieved through implants alone.

Think you don't need a lift just yet? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons would remind breast augmentation patients that the weight of an implant can make a difference in the degree of sag going on in the chest. The simple force of gravity can make a lift beneficial at the time of augmentation, and other factors like age, heredity and childbirth can enhance the speed with which breasts, even with implants, start to droop. Rather than suffering through an additional surgery in a few years' time, it may make more sense to have both procedures done at once in order to gain and maintain that big-busted look.

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