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Try them before you buy them for breast augmentation

Friday, October 19, 2012

One of the big complaints among breast implant patients is that they wish they had gotten bigger implants.While they like the extra lift, there are many who didn't realize how minimal a difference one or two cup sizes would make for them on a personal level, and though they would like more volume, they don't want to go through surgery again.

To help fix this problem, doctors are trying both virtual reality simulations and real-world test rigs that let women experience their bigger boobs before deciding if the size is right. Virtual reality situations allow interested candidates to scan themselves into a computer program and try out different kinds of implants before picking a specific pair for real-world implementation.

"This feature is extremely important because it allows a woman to make an informed choice and clearly see the implant's effect on her body image," said plastic surgeon Bill Papanastasiou.

For some women, this computer version just isn't enough. They want to be able to wear them, for real, before committing to breast augmentation surgery, and physicians agree this is a great way to make sure patients come out of the procedure with the best results for them.

The Daily Mail wrote that doctors in the U.K. provide patients with a heavily padded bra that simulates how their new breast size would look and feel, and about one-third of the time, patients opt for the next-biggest size. The additional cup size was linked to the use of preoperative simulators, with the most common change being that many women racked up their implant choice from a C-cup to a D-cup.

For women who know they want breast implants but aren't sure how big is too much, see if any doctors in the area offer one of these or similar services. If not, a trip to the lingerie store could help find the needed lift to get that simulated bigger-bust experience.

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