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How big should I go with breast implants?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Deciding to get a breast augmentation is an important decision. As you probably know, you will have to make many decisions about the details of your procedure. One of the most obvious aspect you will need to determine, and perhaps the detail you are most concerned about, is the size of your breast implants. Some women are very worried they won't be able to choose an implant size they will be happy with. They are afraid of going too big or going too small - something like a modern day Goldilocks.

But don't worry! With the help of your board-certified plastic surgeon, you are sure to figure out the best size implants to get depending on your body frame and desired results. Breast implants come in all different sizes as well as profiles, shapes and textures and there is one for every figure. Figuring out which size and type of implant will look best on your body type will be discussed during your consultation. Your plastic surgeon is there to help you make a decision you will be happy with and give you the look you deserve.

The implant size is measured by cubic centimeters, typically referred to as cc's. The higher volume of cc's, the larger the implant. While breast implants are not measured by cup size, like you would use to shop for the perfect bra, knowing around which cup size you would like to be at after your surgery may be a good starting off point for the discussion during the initial consultation.

You could also bring in a few pictures of celebrities, friends or family who have breasts that you admire to get the surgeon an idea of the look you are hoping for. An online visualizer is another great tool for seeing how different size breasts look on your body.


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