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Does it help to wear an underwire bra after breast augmentation?

Friday, April 20, 2012

When you prepare to get breast implants, it's usually helpful to think through the contingencies. For instance, your plastic surgeon will recommend that you schedule transportation home after the operation, and that you have a caretaker for the first weeks following the procedure. Likewise, you'll have to plan to avoid things like heavy lifting, immersing yourself in water or wearing an underwire bra.

That's right - even though it might seem logical to wear an underwire bra for support after breast augmentation surgery, physicians almost unanimously recommend against it.

The reason is fairly straightforward: Your plastic surgeon wants your new breasts to heal in as natural a shape as possible. Brassieres with underwires can cut into the flesh underneath your breasts and press against tender incisions.

Wearing an underwire bra immediately after surgery can lead to uneven scarring or a permanent indentation beneath your breasts.

Now, this does not mean that you cannot wear any bra at all during healing, or that you'll never be able to wear an underwire again. Instead, it simply means that for the first three months, it's best to avoid underwire bras while your incisions heal.

So what can you wear for support? It depends on what your plastic surgeon recommends. At first, you'll likely have pressure bandages wrapped around your chest, which keep your breast implants firmly in place for a few weeks. After that, some surgeons may allow you to wear a sports bra almost immediately, while others will tell you to wear any bra that has no underwire.

Once your incisions have fully healed, it is generally all right to start using underwire-based support again. But even then, it is not advisable to wear such brassieres all the time, since even intermittent use can eventually lead to unsightly indentations.


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