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How to find the right bra for augmented breasts

Monday, February 27, 2012

After having a breast augmentation, there are likely a few things you will do a bit differently. Besides taking a double take of yourself when you pass by a mirror - and loving the way you look in a bathing suit! - you will probably also shop for bras a little differently.

A woman with larger breasts usually feels comfortable wearing a different type of bra that a woman with a smaller bust. However, this is a great market for a busty woman to go bra shopping. According to The Lingerie Addict, a social media consulting service for the lingerie industry, more brands are specializing in bras for curvy women than ever before.

For instance, a woman with a cup size between DD to K may find a company like Curvy Kate to be especially helpful, says the source. This collection not only has beautiful lingerie, but also offers swimwear for women with shapely breasts.

You can also wear a bra that is designed especially for women with breast implants. Le Mystere No. 9 is one collection of bras that is made with technology created for the unique changes that happen with a breast augmentation. It is made to be rounder, deeper and more forward-shaping than a traditional bra so it fits the spherical shape of breasts that have been enhanced. The line was developed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, David B. Brother, MD, after years of clinical observation.

However, the bra that is best for your augmented breasts may not be what is best for everyone else. Consider talking to your plastic surgeon to find out if he or she can offer any suggestions based on your individual experiences and needs. Shop around until you find a bra that fits comfortably and that you can wear confidently.


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