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5 ways to make the most of your spring season May 02 2013

Once you've got the ultra-flattering curves you've longed for, what better way to make the most of the spring season than by channeling its vivacious energy into your personal style?

How to plan a wardrobe after breast augmentation surgery March 01 2013

All those years spent watching - and being jealous of - women with gorgeous figures wearing great clothing is now behind you, because a world of fabulous apparel now awaits you.

Overcoming the challenges of breast asymmetry March 01 2013

While many women struggle with this basic, almost inescapable longing for symmetrical breasts and obtaining the perfect shape, there are many ways that you can come close to gaining the ideal look.

Resuming normal activities after a breast implant procedure March 01 2013

For most women, deciding to undergo surgery is one of the most significant and rewarding choices they've ever made, but many are drawn to the same questions about recovery.

Five must-have items for your post-op shopping list February 26 2013

With these five, must-have items you can kick back, relax and heal in the best way possible!

How to stay active after having breast implants January 11 2013

With these helpful tips, women with breast implants can learn how to maintain their exercise routines, bringing them one step closer to the well-rounded look they crave.

How long before a wedding should you get breast implants? June 19 2012

If you're planning to get plastic surgery before your nuptials, consider doing it far enough ahead of schedule that you have plenty of time to recover and get used to your new, curvier figure.

Experts recommend quitting smoking before getting breast implants December 21 2011

In fact, many plastic surgeons insist that women cease using tobacco products several months before a breast augmentation, the ASAPS states.

What will my breast implants feel like? December 05 2011

Some women who get breast implants worry that they will not feel natural to themselves or others.

New year, new you! November 21 2011

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you are likely starting to consider what your New Year's resolution will be this year.

I want to get breast implants, but I'm still in college November 21 2011

College can be a difficult time for many young women. In addition to the pressure to be a certain size, you also have the pressure of being the right shape.

How do I decide what size breast implant to get? November 15 2011

Deciding what size breast implants to get can be more difficult than you might initially imagine.

Recovering after breast augmentation: The first few weeks November 14 2011

Once you have made it through the first 24 hours of your recovery following breast augmentation, you are well on your way to healing and getting back on your feet. Here is what to expect in the first few weeks after the surgery.

Will I set a bad example for my daughter if I get breast implants? November 14 2011

If you have chosen to make the life-altering decision to get breast implants, congratulations!

Recovering after breast augmentation: The first 24 hours November 10 2011

Here are some recommendations for women to consider as they recover from breast augmentation.